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Whitepaper: Simplify data analytics for city fleet management

Whitepapers  •  10 July 2017  •  Advantech Europe BV

In this whitepaper, Advantech Europe BV discuss data analytics and how to simplify this for city fleet management…

Video: Bus Passenger Information System

Industry news, Videos  •  17 February 2015  •  Advantech

The Fanless Embedded Systems ARK-V&S series are designed for rugged and space-critical in-vehicle and video surveillance applications. These embedded systems feature in-vehicle power (9~36Vdc, ISO-7637-2), in-vehicle certifications (E-Mark, IEC-60721-3-5 5M3), extension capability and wireless communication (GPS/G-sensor/Wi-Fi/3G/CANBus) for in-vehicle applications. Watch the video for more information…

Whitepaper: Intelligent Transportation Systems is one of the most important investment sectors in the EU Market

Whitepapers  •  1 February 2015  •  Advantech

Intelligent Transportation Systems are advanced systems which enhance productivity and aim to provide ground-breaking services by integrating advanced Information and Communication Technologies into the transportation infrastructure and into vehicles…

Whitepaper: TPC-8100TR rugged HMI fully certified for rolling stock solutions

Whitepapers  •  25 March 2013  •  Advantech Europe BV

Transportation systems aim at providing communications and technology that allow safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly travel for all commuters.

Whitepaper: IP cameras with PoE assure passenger safety

Whitepapers  •  28 February 2013  •  Advantech Europe BV

Increasing concerns over public safety has meant that video surveillance applications are growing fast.