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Act brings Denmark’s first lightrail a step closer

Issue 3 2012  •  25 June 2012  •  Ole Sørensen, Head of the Light Rail Secretariat and Project Manager, Midttrafik

Construction of the initial phase of Denmark’s first light-rail network has now progressed from the planning to the construction phase, as the Danish Government recently passed the Aarhus Light Rail Act. Work towards the building of a light-rail network in the Aarhus area began in 2007 when eight local authorities, the Central Denmark Region, and the regional public transport authority, Midttrafik, entered a formal partnership to develop a light-rail transit network (LRT network) centred around Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus.

The procurement strategy for Phase 1 of the LRT network will soon be presented. It is expected that prequalification and tender will take place during summer and autumn 2012. At the same time, the parties involved in the Aarhus Light Rail Partnership are planning to extend the network with more light-rail lines in Aarhus and to neighbouring towns in the Aarhus region. The State is also considering a possible new and fast regional railway line between Silkeborg and Aarhus.

The vision to build a light-rail transit network around Aarhus is now closer to becoming a reality as the Danish Government has adopted the Aarhus Light Rail Act of 8 May 2012.

Interview Spotlight: Martin Giles, MD, Lloyd’s Register’s UK rail buisness

Issue 3 2012  •  25 June 2012  •  Craig Waters, Editor, Eurotransport

Craig Waters, Editor of Eurotrasnport, speaks to Martin Giles, Managing Director of Lloyd’s Register’s UK rail business…

Lloyd’s Register has recently been appointed as the ISA for the new light-rail project in Aarhus. What exactly will Lloyd’s Register’s responsibility be for this role?

First of all, from a Lloyd’s Register viewpoint, there are two or three different ways of working as an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA); we can sit back and wait for the suppliers and system developers of a project to do all their work before we start to do our job, or we can stick by our ethos which is to join a project right at the start, that means we can provide advice and guidance as early as possible which helps us to gain efficiencies and prevent costly changes and delays later on in the project. This is how we are working for the Aarhus light-rail project.

Our duties and roles here include developing the safety assessments and audits of the plans, processes and documents required throughout the design, manufacture, installa – tion, testing and trial operations.