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New real-time passenger information features for travellers in Quebec City

16 August 2017  •  Author: ENGIE Ineo

For Eurotransport, ENGIE Ineo discusses the successful application of Real Time Nomade, an RTPI application for travelers in Quebec City.

Smart ticketing for bus travel goes paperless

9 August 2017  •  Author: Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills from Stagecoach talks to Eurotransport about the company’s new smartphone app which will make bus travel cheaper and quicker.

Hyperloop One goes further and faster in its second phase of testing

3 August 2017  •  Author: Eurotransport

Hyperloop One continues to make history with the successful completion of its second phase of testing, goring further and faster than before.

Buses: driving the future

2 August 2017  •  Author: Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys

For Eurotransport, Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys, explains the importance of encouraging people to use buses.

Transport operators and 5G: Is it all the ticket?

24 July 2017  •  Author: Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia

Roger Matthews from GoMedia talks about the prospect of 5G technology and how it may not necessarily be the answer for transport operators.

Finding the solution to local bus service cuts in the UK

19 July 2017  •  Author: John Randerson, Managing Director for Mellor

John Randerson, Managing Director for Mellor, looks at the issues facing local services and discusses some answers to the problem. 

Combating crime and anti-social behaviour on public transport

14 July 2017  •  Author: Transport for Greater Manchester

Eurotransport sits down with Transport for Greater Manchester to find out more about Travelsafe and how it’s combating anti-social behaviour.

European Bus Forum 2017

10 July 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

We sent our regular blogger, Graham Ellis, to the European Bus Forum in Manchester to give us a detailed narrative on this year's event...

The London Assembly holds the mayor to account and investigates issues that matter to Londoners

5 July 2017  •  Author: Keith Prince AM, Rapporteur and Chair of the Transport Committee

Keith Prince AM, Rapporteur and Chair of the Transport Committee, discusses the Transport Committee’s recent report into door-to-door transport services.

The important and ever-changing world of fleet maintenance

30 June 2017  •  Author: Graham Ellis

Graham Ellis discusses the importance of bus fleet maintenance and how the advancements in technology has changed the nature of engineering…

Just three days to go until 2017’s European Bus Forum

26 June 2017  •  Author: Eurotransport

Eurotransport’s fifth annual bus dedicated conference, the European Bus Forum, hosted by Transport for Greater Manchester will take place in just three days and will bring together over 300 delegates from across Europe.

The Hyper Chariot: the fastest way to the future

23 June 2017  •  Author: The Hyper Chariot

Introducing the Hyper Chariot, a 4,000mph super-shuttle that will whisk passengers between London and Edinburgh in just eight minutes...

Imagine never having to queue for a travel ticket ever again

21 June 2017  •  Author: David Braddock, Director of Nevis Technologies

For Eurotransport, David Braddock, Director of Nevis Technologies discusses the next step in the evolution of smart travel ticketing...

The Swift smartcard – new look, new solutions, new customers

14 June 2017  •  Author: Transport for West Midlands

For Eurotransport, Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) discusses its smartcard, Swift, and the benefits it allows its customers.

Are smart cities S.M.A.R.T?

9 June 2017  •  Author: Mark Cartwright, Managing Director of RTIG

Mark Cartwright, Managing Director of RTIG, discusses the open-ended goals of smart cities and whether they're truly S.M.A.R.T.