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RTIG InformRTIG Logo RTPI conference 2013

RTIG is a community group which seeks to establish, support and promulgate good practice in the use of information and communications technology in public transport. With members from public authorities, transport operators, consultancies and the systems industry, we have an impartial perspective and support the common good. We have an excellent relationship with national Government and work closely with other community groups.

RTIG works on behalf of its members as a whole, and delivers benefits though a range of activities, events and publications. Regular workshops enable members to discuss their concerns and to share their experiences in a non-contractual environment. An extensive library of standards and guidance documents assists those implementing systems, and we represent the passenger transport community on UK and European standards committees. We work closely with other like-minded community bodies, as well as with central and devolved Governments in the interests of the industry as a whole.

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Lead Partner:

Cubic Transportation Systems LtdCubic RTPI conference 2013

Cubic Transportation Systems is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel.  Cubic delivers integrated solutions that help transport operators manage their operations and services and give passengers choices in the smartest and easiest ways to pay their fares.  Cubic specialises in design, development, manufacture, supply, installation, integration, services and information.  Services provided by Cubic include on-site management, central systems, operations support, customer support, business support and field services.

Every year, nearly 10 billion journeys are taken worldwide using Cubic payment and information systems. Cubic has delivered over 400 projects in 40 major markets on five continents. Active projects include London; Brisbane (Southeast Queensland) region, Australia; New York/New Jersey region; Washington, D.C /Baltimore/Virginia region; Los Angeles region; San Diego region; San Francisco region; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Chicago; Atlanta region; Miami (South Florida) region; Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada; Sydney (New South Wales), Australia; and Scandinavia.

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Supporting Partners:

IVUIVU Logo RTPI conference 2013

“IVU. Systems for vibrant cities” – over 35 years of excellence IVU is a global IT solutions and business information provider, dedicated to helping improve efficiency, punctuality and reliability for mass transit, focusing on major metropolitan areas as well as national railways. Over 500 public transport companies rely on our systems. Our clients include Berlin, Brussels, London, Vienna, Jerusalem and Adelaide amongst others. The IVU.suite offers the required support for all areas of transport operations: From planning the operational network and creating the timetable, scheduling and dispatching personnel and vehicles, operational control of the vehicle fleet (fleet management,CAD/AVL), passenger information before and during the trip, e-ticketing, ticket sales and fare calculations, controlling of services provided and quality management.

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Clever Devices

Clever Devices logo RTPI conference 2013Clever Devices provides innovative technology solutions for public transportation, including bus, bus rapid transit, paratransit and rail. Our solutions, which include Fleet Management, Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI), Vehicle Health Monitoring and Eco-Management, enhance mobility and help meet public transportation challenges.

Clever Devices’ technologies allow transit agencies to monitor and control their fleets, reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, monitor driver behavior, and improve return on investment (ROI). Our solutions also improve accessibility for riders and contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of transit systems and the communities they serve.

Clever Devices delivers the solutions for transit challenges. Our experienced team works with clients to ensure that goals are achieved and maximum return on investment is realized.

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Hanover Displays Hanover-logo-192x43

Hanover Displays are worldwide leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of Passenger Information Systems for public service vehicles.

Combining exacting manufacturing techniques under ISO9001 & ISO14001 with an unsurpassed product warranty enables Hanover Displays to deliver cost effective, robust and flexible solutions to vehicle operators required to provide passengers with accurate, clear & up to date information in respect of departure, next stop, interconnections and final destination.

System flexibility allows the transmission of information both on and off-vehicle and can facilitate the delivery of the information audibly and visually in multiple languages, if required. 

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VIX TechnologyVix logo RTPI conference 2013

Vix is a global provider of integrated transit and mobility systems making it easy for people to use and pay for transport.

Vix understand that you want to help passengers travel in the simplest, most effective way – so we bring together expertise across Fare & Fleet Management, Passenger Information, as well as Service, Operations & Maintenance.

We aim to not just transport, but to transform. Whether it’s by train, tram, bus, car, ferry or bike – we want commuters headed towards a brighter future. We want access to be more affordable, reliable and efficient. We want less pollution and congestion and to make a real impact on carbon reduction. We want local economies to grow; and education and employment to prosper.

We provide solutions utilising best of class technologies which are not limited by proprietary or closed systems. The result is greater flexibility and cost benefits; allowing our customers to take advantage of emerging technology and evolve their systems ahead of the rest.

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Trapeze GroupTrapeze Group - RTPI 2013

Trapeze Group remains at the forefront of the real-time passenger information movement, providing PTEs, Local Authorities and Operators the tools they require to fine tune and refine highly complex operations.

Trapeze solutions specialise in presenting travel information and trip planning to passengers whenever and wherever required, using a combination of mobile, web, on-street and in-vehicle technology. By blending Journey Planning, Real-Time Information and Incident Management data into a single, passenger-friendly application, Trapeze solutions deliver passengers the most accurate and up to date information with minimal time and effort.

Trapeze supplies reliable, scalable and innovative solutions for the public transport sector. Hundreds of private and public organisations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific have selected Trapeze software and hardware solutions to improve and broaden the efficiency, quality and scope of their transport solutions, enabling them to provide customers with even more services in a more reliable and cost-effective manner.

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FOCONFocon RTPI conference 2013

Situated in southern Denmark, FOCON serves their customer’s global requirement for integration of technological solutions, providing todays passengers with modern, real time information. FOCON systems are the eyes, ears and voice of the transit authority: Eyes such as CCTV systems for monitoring passenger safety in the trains and on the platforms or passenger counting systems, ears and voice such as audio and visual communication systems in the trains allowing for 1-way and 2-way communication.

Part of the LTG group of companies, the Danish company FOCON is the group leader for systems for the increasingly complex and demanding rail market.  FOCON, with our ISO9001 and IRIS certification, has 30 years of experience in providing state-of-the art hardware and software applications for rail customers such as Alstom, Siemens, AnsaldoBreda and Bombardier. 

FOCON systems are in operation at leading transit authorities such as London Underground, DeutcheBahn, SNCF and Delhi Metro Corporation. 

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Harp Visual CommunicationsHarp RTPI conference 2013

Harp has a suite of software and hardware display solutions that allows easy integration of multiple data formats operating in a real time environment. The suite allows solutions to be built and tailored as new operators present their data. Formats already off the shelf include Transxchange TXC, ATCO,-CIF and LTA timetable data plus some custom legacy formats already in use.

Information is parsed into a real time data base running centrally within the PTE data centre. This is then fed out in pre-built lists for specific bay and destination screens so that the information can be graphically rendered locally.  Prediction can be optionally invoked to estimate journey times between stops or manual intervention in the event of traffic incidents.

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Data DisplayRTPI conference 2013 Data Display

Data Display has rapidly grown into a world leader as an electronic display manufacturer providing electronic display solutions including design, manufacturing and installation. Installing electronic display systems around the world, Data Display have gained extensive experience in electronic display technology.

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RSLRTPI conference 2013 RSL

RSL is a leading supplier of interactive, public information systems. Since 1989, RSL has offered a complete service, from helping organisations choose the information system they need, to designing the hardware, developing the software, installing everything and then providing back-office support and on-site maintenance. 

As well as developing their own physical display screens and information kiosks, RSL’s software solutions bring information displays to life and ensure systems keep working effectively. RSL’s new m-EPI (mobile Electronic Passenger Information) breaks down barriers to usage by providing up-to-date departure information via any web-enabled mobile device.

RSL’s software can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ own hardware (from other suppliers) meaning that clients can extend and improve their current passenger information system without the cost of replacing existing hardware.

If you’d like to know more about how RSL can help your organisation, please visit their stand at the exhibition.

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ImtechRTPI conference 2013 imtech

Imtech Traffic & Infra is a European technical services provider delivering total solutions for the traffic and infrastructure markets. With over 2,500 professionals, Imtech Traffic & Infra achieves annual revenues of around 400 million euro.

Imtech Traffic & Infra UK and Ireland is a leading provider of solutions and services that solve transport, public lighting, infrastructure and telecommunication problems. Working across the Urban and Inter Urban environments, they deliver benefits to stakeholders and enable government goals and requirements to be achieved. With experienced and expert teams, they work with private and public sector Clients to deliver on the challenges surrounding journey time reliability, the management of congestion and the integration of infrastructure networks.

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A very limited number of opportunities are available for organisations that wish to present or exhibit at this conference.

To discuss opportunities, please contact Ben Holliday on +44 (0) 1959 563311 or email [email protected]

Media Partners:


Mobilioty Mag RTPI conference 2013Mobility magazine is a source of up-to-the-minute news on the public transport industry in Europe.  It reports on statutory, technological and economic developments in the business, as well as providing the latest information on related products and services.

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Passenger Transport Publishing LimitedPassenger Transport RTPI conference 2013

Launched in 2011, PassengerTransport is a ground-breaking new magazine. Independent and influential, it addresses the challenges that face ground passenger transport providers in the UK – and looks at the future of their vital role in a changing society. 

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ITS UKITS Logo - RTPI conference 2013

Intelligent Transport Systems: a combination of Information Technology and telecommunications, allowing the provision of on-line information in all areas of public and private administration. ITS can be applied to road transport to improve efficiency and safety through the provision of on-line information to drivers in their vehicles and by equipping the vehicle with computerised systems which assist the driver (e.g. following and lane keeping).

It also improves the efficiency of transport by use of electronic systems to improve traffic control and enforcement of traffic regulations. Electronic motorway tolling and congestion charging are also ITS options.

Management of vehicle fleets, both freight and public transport, can also be improved by the provision of on-line information and two way communication between manager and driver. Provision of on-line information to bus, train, and train passengers creates a better informed traveller. Electronic ticketing (by means of Smartcards, for example) enables faster, easier travel by public transport. Intelligent Transport Systems will have beneficial effects on the environment by reducing air and noise pollution on highways and by helping to create traffic free zones in cities.

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Bus Users UKRTPI conference 2013 Bus USers UK

Bus Users UK was formed in 1985 to champion the interests of bus users and campaign for better bus services. It is a UK-wide non-profit organisation providing support to passengers, Mystery Passenger and other services to operators and advice to local and national governments on bus-related issues.

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