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Lange Strasse 4

Tel: +49 (0)6471 3109 0

Website: http://www.feig.de
Email: [email protected]


FEIG ELECTRONICFEIG ELECTRONIC is a manufacturer of innovative payment solutions for public transport systems. The German company has many years of experience in RFID technology and offers EMVCo Level 1 and PCI 4.0 certified contactless payment terminals (Open Loop & Closed Loop Ticketing) for integration in validators, on-board computers and ticket gates. These terminals offer latest encryption features like remote key loading and allow parallel and independent operation of closed-loop and open-loop applications of even different providers. Multi-Application resource sharing improves transaction speed of up to 20% and crypto plug-ins allow easy and fast implementation of E2EE.

FEIG employs currently more than 300 people and maintains an extensive network of worldwide distribution partners, including a subsidiary in the US.

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