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ASK, with over 120 million contactless products in circulation in more than 50 countries, is a worldwide leading provider of a full range of contactless devices including smart cards, smart tickets, smart adhesive labels, readers, inlays for contactless smart cards, electronic passports and eDocuments.

The company’s extensive experience in the contactless industry was developed servicing the demanding mass transit market, with products and solutions now in the field since 1997.

ASK designs, develops and manufactures its contactless media from A to Z, all based on a unique printed silver ink antenna technology. This technology guarantees greater performance, reliability, consistency and repeatability in our contactless products.

Over 250 major cities have chosen ASK technology for their transportation network and multi-application services including Paris RATP and the French railways SNCF, Lisbon, Taipei, Nice, Milano, Napoli, Toronto, the Rhine-Ruhr area in Germany with Dusseldörf, Bonn and Cologne as main cities, San Francisco.

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