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Covering all the new technologies and developments within this vitally important sector, Eurotransport magazine regularly includes features on ticketing, real-time passenger information, intelligent transport systems, bus and coach, metro, security, trams and trolleybuses, light railways, communications, financing and legislation. Here at Eurotransport we pride ourselves on our editorial integrity. This means we attract the leading industry experts to write on subjects that our readers need to know about.

Magazine readership & circulation

ABC audited, Eurotransport magazine is distributed six times a year to over 9,799 key decision makers across Europe. Typical job functions include Transport Ministers, local and regional government decision makers, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Procurement Directors and other senior purchasing personnel. Passed down through the management chain, we estimate that the total readership of Eurotransport is 30,000 for each issue. This represents a highly targeted advertising opportunity for companies such as yourself, who wish to influence the key decision makers in what is a vitally important industry.

* Circulation is 9,800 (for the 6 issues distributed between 1 January and 31 December 2016). ABC is an independent audit watchdog service for printed publications www.abc.org.uk

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