Ticket to ride

11 November 2008  •  Author(s): Burkhard Eberwein, Head of Vehicle Management (Bus) Department, BVG

For transport operators, protecting their passengers, staff and their assets is of paramount importance, and increasingly so. Whether on buses, trains or trams, indeed on any passenger transport, combating crime and dealing with the fall-out of crime is a major concern, fraught with challenges. For Eurotransport, Robert Wint, Marketing Director of EMEA Verint Solutions interviewed Mr. Burkhard Eberwein, Head of Vehicle Management (Bus) Department at BVG, who examines the challenges and developments concerning security for public transport users in Berlin.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is how to find the most viable, most cost-efficient and most effective way of dealing with the serious issues of violence and vandalism that plague network operators, reduce passenger numbers and impact significantly on the bottom line. The solutions, too, must have the support of those passengers and the wider public at large, not to mention the authorities, in order for those solutions to work.

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