BVB’s extensive modernisation programme

31 October 2012  •  Author(s): Jürg Baumgartner, Director, Basel Public Transport Company (BVB)

BVB, the Basel Public Transport Company, is the most important carrier in the inner part of the tri-national agglomeration of Basel with 800,000 inhabitants. Under its new management, the long-standing company is undergoing an in-depth process of modernisation. The 65km-long tram network is to be extended by up to 19km of new lines; some of them across the border into Germany and France. Sixty new Flexity trams are expected between 2014 and 2016, replacing the old rolling stock built between 1967 and 1991. By 2025, BVB expects to carry 10% more passengers, a challenging objective given the fact that its current market share in the region is already very high at 50%. The investment linked to BVB’s modernisation amounts to almost one billion Swiss Francs (approximately €800 million).

Public transportation in the tri-national agglomeration of Basel

The city of Basel, situated in the north of Switzerland at the borders with France and Germany, is the centre of a tri-national agglomera tion with more than 800,000 inhabitants, with 500,000 living in Switzerland and 300,000 in Germany or France. On the Swiss side, the largest part of the agglomeration is situated within the two cantons of Basel-Stadt (Basel-City) and Baselland.

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