CLEO becomes Line B in Orléans

29 June 2012  •  Source: Alstom

On Saturday 29 June, the urban community of Orléans Val de Loire (France) inaugurated the second line of its tramway network, previously known as CLEO*. Twenty-one Citadis trams will now operate on lines stretching over 11 km.

The turnkey project, won by Alstom in 2006, included the supply of rolling stock, track, signalling and electrical supply, and drew on the company’s extensive expertise.

The use of automated track laying technology, Appitrack, and electric welding on grooved rails helped to speed up work on the infrastructure and minimise disruption.

The APS ground-level power supply system, which replaces catenaries with a third rail that powers the tram, preserves the city’s historical and architectural heritage. Over two kilometres of track have been equipped with this system, conserving the visual integrity of the cathedral and rue Jeanne d’Arc.

Services on the new line will officially start running on 30 June across five communes, serving 25 stations. With one tram every six minutes at peak periods, 59,000 residents, or 20% of the urban community, will have direct access to the line.

* CLEO: “Construire la ligne Est-Ouest” (Build the East-West Line)

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