Research to make tramway, metro and mainline operations more reliable and cost effective

25 June 2012  •  Author(s): Nicolas Furio, Infrastructure & Electrification Manager and PM ‘n’ IDEA Coordinator, UNIFE

Predictive Maintenance employing Non-intrusive Inspection & Data Analysis (PM ‘n’ IDEA1) is a jointly funded European research project focused on developing innovative inspection and maintenance technologies for railway track infrastructure. It is a three-year project that began in June 2009 with a budget of approximately €5 million. Sixteen partners are involved in the project and UNIFE2, the Association of the European Rail Industry, is the coordinator.

PM ‘n’ IDEA is focused on the development of non-intrusive track inspection systems to increase track availability, increase the life span and reduce life cycle costs of track com – ponents, and improve the safety of both workers and users of urban rail systems. The project has utilised and further developed existing innovative technologies to monitor the health status and the rate of degradation of track components to provide visibility of future maintenance and renewal requirements.

The project has delivered six ‘Key Innovations’ that are aimed at improving the integrity of rail transport networks through the deployment of intelligent design and sensor technologies into cost effective products and targeted non-intrusive monitoring processes.

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