The iBus system – serving as the backbone for London’s bus network

30 April 2009  •  Author(s): Simon Reed, iBus Project Director, TfL

The transformation of the London bus network in recent years is a great public transport success story. Over the last decade, bus patronage in London has increased by 53%. Every weekday, over 8,000 buses run on almost 700 routes, carrying 6.4 million passengers and well over 2 billion trips are made on London’s buses annually – more than on the London Underground and the entire UK rail networks combined.

As the bus network has grown, so have the demands placed upon it. Passenger expectations have risen – today’s London bus passenger demands reliable, accessible services and effective journey information. The previous London bus radio communications and vehicle location system, designed for a much smaller bus fleet, could not cope with the continued development and expansion of the network – a new system was needed that provided more effective monitoring of bus services and better radio communication with drivers.

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