The case for creating seamless European toll services

30 June 2009  •  Author(s): Per Jarle Furnes, New Business Development, Q-Free

Europe launched wireless communication standards for tolling in 1997. During the 90s, tolling became a viable means to finance soaring road infrastructure costs as trade increased between the European countries. Many formulated visions for pan European interoperability where users subject to tolls could enjoy a seamless service or ‘one tag one contract’. However, a decade later, a seamless toll service operating across Europe remains a utopia. Only national schemes and the Scandinavian NorITS offer seamless services between different toll charging domains. In this article we try to pinpoint the challenges that pertain to this situation. In light of the recent European Commission funded research projects to identify convergent strategies on interoperability and the draft commission Decision on a European Electronic Toll Service, EETS1, we also express our views on the way ahead.

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