Five new trains for Underground in Vienna

24 January 2012  •  Source: Vossloh Kiepe

Bombardier Transportation and Vossloh Kiepe to supply five new trains for Vienna’s U6 metro line.

Wiener Linien has ordered five new vehicles from the consortium of Bombardier Transportation and Vossloh Kiepe. This evaluated to a total order of 20 “T1” vehicles for the underground U6 line. The order exercises an option of the framework contract signed with Wiener Linien in 2004. The contract is valued at about 60 million Euros.

The technical concept of this new vehicle generation is based on the proven design of the “T” predecessor vehicles. These feature a length of 26.8 metres and a width of 2.65 metres. Up to four “T” and “T1” vehicles can operate as a train set.

Vossloh Kiepe will provide the complete electrical systems for the new low-floor vehicles. This includes traction equipment, on-board power supply, air conditioning, ATS, vehicle control, driver’s cab equipment, as well as passenger information systems (destination signs, video surveillance and passenger announcement systems).

Delivery of the new vehicles is scheduled to start in the fall of 2013 and to finish in 2014. With the delivery of the new units, Wiener Linien will be able to shorten the headways during peak hours.

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