Bombardier consortium delivers its first fully modernised metro train to São Paulo Metro in Brazil

8 December 2011  •  Source: Bombardier Transportation

Today, a consortium led by Bombardier Transportation unveiled the first of 26 six-car modernised metro trains for Companhia Metropolitana do Metro de São Paulo (CMSP). The train is ready to commence service on Line 1 of the São Paulo metro network, with all necessary tests having been completed.

Bombardier Consortium Delivers its First Fully Modernised Metro Train to São Paulo Metro in Brazil

Bombardier Consortium Delivers its First Fully Modernised Metro Train to São Paulo Metro in Brazil

The 30-year-old electric multiple units are undergoing comprehensive modernisation services. This includes the installation of modern interiors, innovative energy efficient BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion systems, communication, air-conditioning systems, as well as upgrades to door systems and bogies, a new front design with new window and cabin, and a range of other improvements. The cars are being modernised at Bombardier’s manufacturing site in Hortolândia, near São Paulo. The other consortium members are the Brazilian firms Tejofran and Temoinsa.

“These modernised trains will provide the city of São Paulo with improved rail equipment and support CMSP’s efforts to offer a more attractive, comfortable and reliable service to public
transit users,” said André Guyvarch, President and Chief Country Representative, Bombardier Transportation, Brazil. “The importance of high capacity mass transit rail networks such as Metro or Monorail systems is clearly demonstrated in numbers – São Paulo Line 1 can carry more than 60,000 passengers per hour per direction. To manage a similar volume of traffic with cars and buses would require widening roads by at least 80 metres.”

Studies by the United Nations and various NGOs have established that the amount of energy used by non-electric vehicles is unsustainably high. Transportation of all types accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s commercial energy use, with motor vehicles contributing almost 80% of this total. This heavy energy use has an adverse impact on public health around the world and threatens entire economies and communities. Such problems are particularly relevant in mega-cities like São Paulo.

“This complete vehicle modernisation programme employs the latest technologies to improve vehicle reliability and maintainability,” said Jean-Baptiste Eymeoud, Bombardier Transportation’s Vice President, Services – Western Europe, Mediterranean and South America. “While improving the comfort level and train performances, it will extend the useful life of CMSP’s rolling stock for at least another 20 years. This project launched by CMSP is the most cost effective, fast and efficient way to secure transport capacity.”

Bombardier Transportation’s Services division provides the skills and expertise to deliver efficient, competitive and sustainable rail operations globally. Services helps customers minimise operational costs and maximise revenue generation over their assets’ whole lifetime, while ensuring the highest levels of passenger safety and comfort. Bombardier Transportation offers services and support to fit each customer’s exact requirements, including maintenance services, materials and logistics programmes, modernisation, re-engineering and overhaul of vehicles and components.

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