TPG give their trams a facelift – the quest for new technology

28 October 2009  •  Author(s): Roland Bonzon, Director General, Geneva Public Transport (TPG)

Geneva and the tramway – this is an old story of being in-love and out-of-love. Following an impressive expansion between 1903 and 1924, (at its peak, the Geneva tram system was one of the most extensive in Europe), there was a period of long recess during the 1920s. Then came a re-burst of passion: at the beginning of the 1990s, after 30 years of dismantling, the tram became popular again. While certain sections of rails from that period have remained in place and are still being used today, we have come a far way from the steam powered tram and Geneva’s first electrical trams. Technology has evolved immensely and the Geneva Public Transport (TPG) has followed in its movement.

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