The Copenhagen Metro: a 24/7 system

22 December 2009  •  Author(s): Claudio Cassarino, Managing Director, Metro Service A/S

The symbol of the Copenhagen Metro is the white trains running both above and underground, servicing approximately 50 million passengers each year. So far this year, the service availability has been recorded at 98.6% – with headway down to approximately 120 seconds – all this running on a 24/7 service.

24/7 service introduced in March 2009

The Copenhagen Metro is one of the first driverless Metros operating on a 24/7 basis within a two-track system, which means maintenance activities will be performed in one track, while at the same time service will be carried out on the other track. This means that all track maintenance activities are performed in a four hour timeframe each night. This has been made possible by implementing independent switch control on the whole system. All alterations have been performed in 2008.

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