Wiener Linien’s social media success contributes to passenger satisfaction

31 October 2011  •  Author(s): Günter Steinbauer, CEO, Wiener Linien

The Viennese love their public transport. Thirty-six percent of all trips within Austria’s capital are made by subway, tram and bus. This makes Vienna an international leader in the field of public transport – and that is certainly quite something.

Alongside having good infrastructure and modern vehicles, there is no doubt that customer focus is the most important factor for this popularity. This is also illustrated in the current customer satisfaction studies of Wiener Linien: no less than 95% of the 900 respondents surveyed evaluated the service of Wiener Linien as good – a plus of 2% compared with the previous year.

However, Wiener Linien is not resting on its laurels; not only is it trying to maintain high customer satisfaction but also to boost it even further through different means.

The launch of its social media presence in March 2011 constituted another step towards greater customer orientation and customer satisfaction, making Wiener Linien a pioneer amongst European local public transport providers.

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