The CCTV system in the entire bus fleet of Madrid

31 October 2011  •  Author(s): José Ángel Rivero, General Manager, EMT Madrid

In May 2009, EMT Madrid started its CCTV project known as VEA (Videovigilancia Embarcada en el Autobus) for the entire bus fleet of Madrid and it was finished in July 2011. Approximately 2,000 buses running daily in the city of Madrid are now equipped with this on-board video surveillance system. The total amount of installed units is approximately 8,000: that means two to four cameras per standard vehicle and six cameras in the bendy buses.

The VEA project was launched with the objective of improving security levels on board. Although security has not been a major problem in Madrid’s buses, EMT Madrid wants to keep its buses secure – after all, it transports almost 1.7 million people per day! The VEA project is part of a more general programme called ‘eBus’ which includes hardware and software that provides EMT Madrid with full information about ticketing, mechanical failures, fleet location (GPS) and voice communication.

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