Siemens equips Nanjing Metro Line 2 with signaling and control systems

29 July 2010  •  Author(s): Siemens AG

Nanjing Metro Corporation has recently commenced operation of the 38-kilometers-long Metro Line 2 in Nanjing. Within a construction period of only 36 months, Siemens Mobility has, together with its local partner, Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology (NRIET), equipped both the line itself and the 35 trains with the Trainguard MT automatic train control system. The new metro link is designed for an expected traffic volume of 500,000 passengers per day and is intended to considerably relieve the traffic situation in the city. In China, a long-standing trust-based partnership connects Siemens with the operator Nanjing Metro Corporation. Like the 47-km-long Metro Line 1 which started operation in 2005, Line 2 has been equipped with signaling and control systems from Siemens Mobility. The new metro line serves 26 stations and forms the east-west link in the city of Nanjing. Due to this extension to the city’s metro system to include Line 2, the network now has a total length of approximately 85 kilometers. Line 2 and the 35 new trains have been equipped with the Trainguard MT automatic train control system. Data is continuously exchanged between the metro line and the vehicles via the CBTC (communication-based train control) radio system. This system ensures that the trains running on Line 2 are controlled on the moving-block principle. This permits optimum train sequencing commensurate with passenger levels and maximum safety, reliability and availability for metro operations. In comparison to conventional automatic train control systems, the use of a Trainguard MT system reduces the number of lineside equipment such as signals and track vacancy detection system. This results in less installation and maintenance work and thus in lower spare parts requirements. In addition to the Trainguard MT train protection system, Siemens Mobility is also supplying the Vicos OC 501 operations control system for the control center and Sicas ECC electronic interlockings. Signaling systems from Siemens ensure that numerous metro lines throughout the world operate safely, punctually and in a user-friendly manner. In China alone, the Trainguard MT system is already in operation on Beijing Metro Line 10, Olympic Branch Line, and on Lines 4 and 5 in Guangzhou. The operators of the lines in Suzhou and Chongqing which are currently under construction have also opted for this system from Siemens. In other countries, the Trainguard MT system will ensure safe operations on new lines in Istanbul (Turkey), Helsinki (Finland) and Paris (France).

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