“We will continue to raise the technology bar”

22 June 2011  •  Author(s): Martin Bergek, Icomera

Established in 1999, Icomera is the world’s leading provider of cellular broadband gateways delivering Internet connectivity for passenger transport, public safety and enterprise applications. In an interview for Eurotransport, Martin Bergek, responsible for group business development, product development and marketing at Icomera, tells us about their latest applications and what the future holds for the company.

Please explain a little about Icomera’s technology?

Icomera technology bridges wide-area 3G and 4G cellular networks with on-board Wi-Fi and Ethernet access. Icomera’s wireless data communication solution enables passengers, as well as staff, to access the Internet and browse the web, check e-mails and access corporate data while travelling. It also allows real-time monitoring of the train itself. Icomera routers are ideal for a wide range of vehicles for rail and road.

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