Ticket to Kyoto: 5 European partners, 1 goal

25 February 2011  •  Author(s): GMPTE (Manchester), moBiel (Bielefeld), RATP (Paris), RET (Rotterdam) and STIB (Brussels)

Five European public transport companies have joined forces in a four-year project against climate change. With concrete energy saving measures they aim to introduce the principle of low CO2 emissions as the new standard for public transport companies. The name of the project: Ticket to Kyoto (T2K).

Ticket to Kyoto is a good example of pan- European cooperation in the public transport sector. The five partners work together constructively to exchange high level ideas, realise quick wins and draw-up long-term strategies from which all parties can benefit. Even though there are huge differences between the five public transport companies, synergy is the magic word. Half of the budget is provided by a grant from the INTERREG IVB NWE. The mixture of experiences, local cultures and day-to-day challenges enriches the outcome for the total project and for each partner individually.

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