Keeping London’s evolving bus fleet moving

29 August 2017  •  Author(s): Ian Foster, Engineering Director for Metroline

Ian Foster, Engineering Director for Metroline, details the challenges of servicing a constantly changing London bus fleet, and explains how important it is to make the transport industry appealing to younger people to encourage the next generation of engineers.

bus fleet

I often tell the parents of our apprentices and trainees that they would be amazed at the efforts required to ensure ‘the wheels of the bus go round and round’.

Managing the day to day operation of 1,650 buses in a city like London is both interesting and challenging in equal measure. The pressures on operations, and the ability to meet the expectations of both our main customer (TfL) and the public on a per minute basis, requires the combined efforts of over 5,000 staff.

Working in London soon awakens you to the expectations of the travelling public, and the large amounts of funding required for both the Underground and bus system to provide a comprehensive service. In most circumstances there is no need for an itemised timetable; people are aware that a bus or tube will be there every 2-10 minutes.

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