Eurotransport’s Leaders’ Series: Brian Masson

29 August 2017  •  Author(s): Brian Masson, Director of Multi Modal Transport Solutions Ltd

Digitalisation is making tomorrow’s smart cities possible, and the advent of big data and the Internet of Things should render poor passenger experience a thing of the past. However, as Brian Masson, Director of Multi Modal Transport Solutions Ltd, warns, there can be no smart cities and no true advancement until our air quality is brought under strict control.

In your view, how central a pillar is clean air when it comes to the smart cities of the future?

Throughout the world, awareness levels of the effects of poor air quality caused by emissions from vehicles, ships, homes and industry have never been higher. Increased levels of bronchial complaints like asthma, lung cancer and bronchitis are now reaching epidemic proportions.

There is therefore no question that our cities must become cleaner. In certain areas of the world, like Scandinavia, significant progress has been made by restricting access to city centres for all but the cleanest vehicles and bikes. Hybrid taxis, gas/hybrid buses and trucks are now common place in cities like Copenhagen, Malmo, Gothenburg, Oslo and Helsinki.

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