Odense Light Rail in Denmark awards construction tender

11 August 2017  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

Efacec, together with COMSA and MUNCK, has won an international tender for the construction of the Odense Light Rail in Denmark.

Odense Light Rail in Denmark awards construction tender

The Odense Light Rail, which has a total budget of around three billion euros, will have 14 kilometers of line in its first stage and 26 surface stations from Tarup in the north to Hjallese in the south.

It will also have a command centre, 14 vehicles (which will be around 20 metres long and will carry 200 passengers at a time) and it will have 51 crossings. It is expected to carry 35,000 passengers daily – equating to around one million per month.

The Odense Light Rail line routing has been determined after analysing the best possible route to benefit the most people in the area. It is therefore located where it can increase accessibility for the most residents, workplaces and educational institutions in the future.

Based on figures from 2010, the first and second stages of the light rail will be able to serve 45,000 residents, 35,000 jobs and 25,000 places in five minutes.

Efacec will be responsible for carrying out the entire electromechanical components of this project, which has a value of nearly €47 million for the company, which recorded a 31% growth in orders from Europe in the first seven months of the year. Compared with the same period last year, the turnover increased from €122 million to €160 million.

The company will be responsible for traction substations, catenary, signalling, communications, public information, video surveillance, telephony, vehicle location and fleet management and the control centre.

The Odense Light Rail is expected by Odense Letbane to be completed by the end of 2020.

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