Google releases map option for cyclists

14 July 2017  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

To celebrate the Tour de France, Google has released a function on Google Maps for cyclists.


Google Maps will make it easy to find the best bike routes or just get from point A to point B on the Google Maps app for iPhone or Android.

To get bike directions on Google Maps, cyclists simply enter their destination and tap on the bike icon. Google will then give route suggestions based on the availability of dedicated bike trails in the area, and when possible prioritise those routes.

The app will also we factor in variables like hills as well as the size of the road, availability of bike lanes, and number of turns.

Furthermore, if cyclists want to map out their own path, the bike layer on the app will show colour-coded routes according to their suitability for biking: dark green will indicate a dedicated bike-only or multi-use trail; lighter green will indicate a dedicated bike lane along a road; and a dotted green line will indicate roads that don’t have bike lanes but tend to be more suitable for biking.

To turn on the bike layer, cyclists simply have to tap the button above the compass icon and then tap the bike icon (on iOS) or open the main menu and then tap the bike icon (on Android).

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