ElectriCity to expand electric bus operations in Gothenburg

22 June 2017  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

Partners in the ElectriCity venture have decided to expand electric bus operations in Gothenburg. From June 2018, two electrically powered high-capacity buses will start operating on route 16.

ElectriCity to expand electric bus operations in Gothenburg

ElectriCity has brought together companies, researchers, public authorities, the city and the region since 2013 to test and develop new solutions for sustainable transport and sustainable urban development. The most noticeable result is bus route 55 in Gothenburg where 10 all-electric or partially electrified buses have been operating since 2015. The tests were originally scheduled to end in 2018, but now the trial is being extended with additional vehicles and the test period will continue to 2020.

When the Volvo Ocean Race comes to Gothenburg in June 2018, two electrically powered articulated buses will showcase the latest developments as they operate between city mall Nordstan and Frihamnen. These two prototype buses will then run on route 16, which will be equipped with charging infrastructure and bus stop facilities for electrified high-capacity traffic. New charging stations will also be built at Eriksbergstorget and Sahlgrenska Hospital.

From previously focusing primarily on electrified public transport, the demo arena is now growing to encompass other electrically powered heavy vehicles operating quietly and emission-free in city traffic.

“Electrification is on the march within the global transport sector, and the next challenge is to integrate electrification with investments in future smart and sustainable cities. This is why we need to demonstrate electrified articulated buses and other heavy vehicles in the city environment. With this project Sweden can take a major step forward for a fossil free Swedish transport sector,” says The Swedish Energy Agency’s Director General, Erik Brandsma.

Within the framework of ElectriCity work will also commence on testing solutions in automation, such as automatic Bus Stop Docking and bus platooning whereby buses run close behind one other in long trains in urban traffic.

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