City of Sacramento announces smart city plans

7 June 2017  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

Verizon, alongside Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the City of Sacramento has announced a tentative agreement to create a public-private partnership designed to bring smart city infrastructure and services to the city.


The City of Sacramento’s CIO Maria MacGunigal (left) and Verizon’s Lani Ingram

The aim of this agreement is to make the city smarter, safer and more connected, and Verizon expects to invest more than $100 million to further the Mayor’s vision to foster innovation and attract new companies in a tech-forward environment.

“Sacramento is on the leading edge of some really big ideas”

“This partnership will serve as a critical step in upgrading our city’s infrastructure to support the newest and best technology and the economic growth that comes with that technology,” said Mayor Steinberg. “It will also ensure that everyone who lives here or spends time here can experience the benefits of a safer, more mobile and more sustainable city. Sacramento is on the leading edge of some really big ideas, and I look forward to working with Verizon.”

This new partnership will further Sacramento’s Vision Zero initiative, which focuses on reducing traffic-related fatalities. Verizon will help the city with this initiative by improving public safety at key city intersections through technology as well as advanced signal controls to manage vehicle flow, decrease congestion, improve public transit, and to also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Technological advances are crucial and one of the key factors to our future success”

“Technological advances are crucial and one of the key factors to our future and economic success throughout the Greater Sacramento region,” added Greater Sacramento Economic Council President and CEO Barry Broome. “This proposed partnership with Verizon will create cutting-edge technology and put Sacramento on the map as being one of the most innovative cities in the nation.”

The agreement goes before City Council for approval on 6 June 2017.

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