Survey reveals what customers think of Coventry buses

30 March 2017  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

The latest survey of National Express bus passengers in Coventry shows that 89% of them are happy with the service they receive – 5% higher than last year.

Coventry Master Drivers (credit: National Express)

The survey, which was carried out during 2016 by independent group, Transport Focus, reveals that almost nine out of ten National Express Coventry’s passengers are very of fairly satisfied with their journeys.

“We pay close attention to what passengers tell us in Transport Focus’ survey”

“I’m glad to see that even more of our Coventry passengers are happy with the service they’re receiving,” said Peter Coates, Managing Director of National Express West Midlands. “We pay close attention to what passengers tell us in Transport Focus’ survey and we use their experiences to improve our services even more.”

The results reflect customers’ opinions on various aspects of bus travel, including how long they have to wait for a bus, the punctuality of the service, and how long their journey took. Results regarding Coventry drivers (their appearances and helpfulness) did particularly well, scoring 3% higher than last year

“I’m particularly proud of our drivers and it’s nice to know that our customers do appreciate them,” Mr Coates added. “We have 38 Master Drivers working out of Coventry garage. Master Drivers are specially selected and trained over and above regular driver training in safe and smooth driving and customer service.”

Click here to read Transport Focus’ bus survey in full.

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