C-ITS – just a technology for cars?

19 February 2017  •  Author(s): Suzanne Hoadley, Senior Manager at Polis

C-ITS – just a technology for cars?

You may well be questioning why there is an article about C-ITS (cooperative ITS) in Eurotransport, a quintessential public transport publication. After all, isn’t C-ITS a technology invented by car manufacturers to make journeys smoother for car drivers? This is often the reaction that Suzanne Hoadley, Senior Manager at Polis, receives when the subject of C-ITS is raised in discussion with her public transport colleagues, as well as some local authorities. In this article Suzanne addresses the progression of the technology in recent years, highlighting how it can be better utilised in the public transport sector.

While some of the above assumptions are not strictly untrue – the development of C-ITS has indeed been led by vehicle manufacturers – the reality is that C-ITS can be used in the public transport sector too. Specifically, it can be used to support the movement of lorries, emergency vehicles, electric vehicles, or any other type of equipped vehicle with which a road/traffic operator wishes to communicate.

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