Merseytravel invests £700 million for new fleet

17 February 2017  •  Author(s): Rachael Harper

Merseytravel is to completely transform its fleet network for the Liverpool City Region in a deal signed with Stadler worth £700 million.

Replacing one of the oldest fleets in the UK, the 52 new metro trains, due to be in service from 2020, will be able to carry 60% more passengers and will cut journey times by up to 10%. The 64.98m long and 2.82m wide trains will operate on a 750V DC third rail network with a maximum speed of 75mph (120 km/h).

The units will also be equipped with batteries that allow independent movement of the units in the workshop and depot areas. The trains will be able to be retrofitted for 25 kV AC operation and ETCS Level II.

Improved safety for the Merseytravel fleet

The new trains will also provide fully step-free access, making it the most accessible traditional network in the UK. Providing a new level of safety, intelligent sliding steps, combined with infrastructure improvements will virtually eliminate the gap between the platform and the train.

Furthermore, on-board safety will be increased with open, airy compartments, CCTV and a transparent driver’s cabin.

Frank Rogers, Chief Executive of Merseytravel said: “Merseyrail is a high performing network and these trains, designed with local people in mind, will help support that for decades to come. The new trains will be safer and able to carry more people, more quickly and, when combined with infrastructure improvements, the new fleet will make Merseyrail the most accessible traditional network in the UK.”


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