Integration is the key

19 October 2016  •  Author(s): Martin Russ, Managing Director, AustriaTech GmbH

…by Martin Russ, Managing Director, AustriaTech GmbH

Integration is the key

What will future mobility systems look like? How can urban pubic transport stay reliable and comfortable? How will mobility behaviours change over the next 10 years? There will not be just one answer, but what we can say for sure is that we need a more integrated look at all of these issues. Over the past year ITS Austria has focused on how to transform an intelligent transport system into an integrated mobility system.

With current trends such as sharing, automated driving and digitalisation, there is a strong need to identify future fields of action for the continued development of an intelligent transport system. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly transport – especially in cities – has to be combined with user-centred solutions and the option to choose. The output of this one year ongoing stakeholder process was a roadmap including the potentials of the so-called ‘Mobility as a Service’ strategy and an integrated mobility system.

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