Gearing Up For Euro 4/5 Emission Compliance

19 September 2005  •  Author(s): Andreas Heuke, Corporate Sales, EvoBus GmbH, Head of Euro 4/5 Project and Siegbert Wenkle, Head of Development, Alternative Drive Systems & Fuel Cell Vehicles, DaimlerChrysler AG/EvoBus GmbH

The next European emission standard – Euro 4 – comes into force on October 1 2006, for all newly registered commercial vehicles with a permitted GVW of 6 tons and above. It will be followed just three years later by the Euro 5 emission standard, effective October 1, 2009.

The short space of time between implementing the two standards means that it is necessary to start thinking about Euro 5 whilst Euro 4 technology developments are still on-going. In the case of urban buses, (average period of ownership 12 years) manufacturers should not expect their customers, most of whom carry out maintenance and repairs in their own workshops, to change systems yet again when Euro 5 comes in. Such a change would have negative effects regarding the procurement of replacement parts and special tools, employee training and documentation.

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