Tunnel safety in Europe

19 September 2005  •  Author(s): Dimitrios Theologitis, Head of Unit, Peter Schmitz, Seconded National Expert, European Commission, Road Safety Unit (ref.1)

Transport plays a crucial role in supporting European integration and ensuring a high level of well-being among Europe’s citizens. Hence, efficient infrastructure for transport is vital for EU competitiveness to keep costs down and to provide good service. Moreover, European integration requires sufficient access to EU transport networks for all regions. Therefore, the European Union must aim to promote the development and the well-functioning of Trans-European Networks as a key element for the creation of the internal market and the reinforcement of economic and social cohesion2.

Tunnels play an important role within the transport infrastructure network. They facilitate communication between large areas of the Union and are thus essential to long distance transport. They also play a decisive role in the functioning and development of regional economies.

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