Utrecht places additional order for 22 Urbos 100 trams

20 January 2017  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Eurotransport

The Province of Utrecht has signed a supplementary agreement with rolling stock manufacturer CAF for the delivery of 22 Urbos 100 trams.

Utrecht places additional order for 22 Urbos 100 trams

Credit: CAF

The Province of Utrecht in the Netherlands has placed an order for 22 CAF Urbos 100 trams in addition to an ongoing order for 27 trams.  The agreement signing took place on the 19 January in the presence of Jacqueline Verbeek-Nijhof, on behalf of the Provincial Executive, and Josu Esnaola, sales director CAF.

New Urbos 100 trams will replace the 30 year-old vehicles

The new trains will replace the 30 year-old vehicles currently operating on the line between the cities of Utrecht, Nieuwegein and IJsselstein. The new trams are an extended version of the Urbos 100 trams ordered in January 2015 by the Province of Utrecht for the Uithofline.

It is hoped the new trams will boost light rail ridership on the Uithofline by 35,000 passengers per day in 2018, rising to 45,000 passengers per day in 2020.

The ordered vehicles consist of seven modules rather than the usual five and are over 41 metres in length. Apart from the difference in length, both versions of the Urbos 100 trams are identical. In addition, it is also possible to couple the two tram versions leading to a total length of 75 metres and a total capacity of almost 500 passengers. This will make it the longest city tram to operate in Europe.

Both tram versions feature regenerative braking and LED-lighting, climate control and passenger information systems. Furthermore, an energy recovery pack system allows the tram to run without the traditional overhead catenary.

The first Urbos 100 tram, from the original order has arrived in Utrecht for test runs. The new fleet is expected to enter operation on the Uithofline in the summer of 2018. The second order of 22 trams is planned to begin passenger service in Utrecht, Nieuwegein and IJsselstein in 2020.

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