Sunny side up

6 December 2005  •  Author(s): Thomasz Slusarz, Project Manager, European Photovoltaic Industry Association

Throughout Europe, bus stops and shelters are increasingly being fitted with lighting to enhance security and safety on public transport.More and more suppliers are looking at alternatives to traditional grid connected electricity supply – with solar photovoltaic panels leading this expansion.

Solar photovoltaic works by generating electricity directly from the sun, which can be stored in rechargeable batteries for night time use. Since the technology contains no moving parts and the solar cells can be easily incorporated into the roof of a bus shelter, it is proving an attractive option for illuminating bus waiting areas. Leading product development suppliers are providing easy, custom-built and durable lighting solutions across a diverse range of everyday and more surprising arenas. At the core of the system is a microprocessor that can manage the light output in accordance with the energy in the battery. Solar photovoltaic microprocessor based electronic control systems are developed to harness the synergy between solar energy and high output LED based lighting. The stops have solar cells on a coiled panel on the top of the ‘flag’, which is lit by an LED automatically from sunset until sunrise. Pressing a button on the timetable case lights it for 20 seconds. In addition, lines of customised technologies, that provide solar-powered LED lighting solutions for transit applications, amenity lighting, signage and other specialised products, have been developed. Suppliers can customise bus shelters and stops, incorporating the solar-powered lighting solution with minimal disruption, to suit the needs of the client.

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