Alternative Power Supplement 2016

30 November 2016  •  Author(s):

Eurotransport alternative power supplementIn our latest free-to-view Alternative Power Supplement:

  • Keolis’ Hanna Björk, Environmental Strategist and Per-Erik Lund, Project Manager, discuss ElectriCity: Gothenburg’s exciting electric bus project
  • Nottingham’s heart beats with electric buses: Andy Gibbons, Head of Public Transport, Steve Cornes, Public Transport Team Member, Nottingham City Council, and Ian Combellack, General Manager, Nottingham Community Transport
  • The zero emissions race: the epic industry hurdles ahead is covered by Arriva’s Kyle Testo, Technical Strategy Manager and James Higlett, Head of Technical Strategy and Innovation
  • and UK takes big strides toward clean solutions for bus as digital revolution gathers pace, as discussed by Andy Eastlake, Managing Director, LowCVP

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