German eTicketing ready for implementation

6 December 2005  •  Author(s): Dr.Till Ackermann, Economics and Tariff Manager, German association of transport companies and authorities and Head of VDV Core Application company, Cologne

Demands on interoperable standards for electronic fare management are at their highest in Germany,with its dense,multi-centred transport network.

The transport companies and authorities organised in the Association of German Transport Undertakings (VDV) carry some 27 million passengers every day. The majority of customers travel in integrated public transport systems under the motto: one ticket, one timetable, one fare. Most passengers use season tickets such as monthly passes, semester tickets, annual season tickets or job tickets. In addition, since the late 1960s, platform entry barriers have been removed for cost reasons; companies use an open system. These facts demonstrate that the public transport system in Germany offers an attractive service level, and that changes in the area of fares and sales must be very carefully planned due to their intense effects.

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