Riga to take delivery of 10 hydrogen-powered trolleybuses

7 November 2016  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Latvian public transport operator Rigas Satiksme has signed an agreement with Solaris for delivery of ten low-floor hydrogen-powered trolleybuses.

Riga to take delivery of 10 hydrogen-powered trolleybuses

On 11th October 2016, Riga City Transport (Rigas Satiksme) signed a contract with Solaris for the supply of ten 18.75-metre low-floor Trollino trolleybuses equipped with hydrogen fuel cell range extenders. The new solution will enable operation of the trolleybuses on sections of Riga public transport network without overhead wires. Each trolleybus is to be fitted with a fuel cell as well as battery set which allows the vehicle to operate without traction energy supply for up to 100 km. Medcom traction motor will provide the power to drive the vehicle.

First hydrogen-powered trolleybuses in Europe

The articulated Trollino will also provide additional capacity on the city’s most heavily used lines. The order is scheduled for delivery 2017/18.

The contract also includes the option to order a further ten next-generation Urbino 12 electric buses also fitted with fuel cells.

Commenting on the introduction, Andreas Strecker, CEO of Solaris said: “I am extremely proud that we will manufacture the first hydrogen-powered trolleybuses in Europe in cooperation with Rigas Satiksme, one our most faithful customers. We enjoy the trust of the company management invariably since 2003. A source of even greater joy is the fact that Rigas Satiksme decided to invest in the future with us. It has been reflected by the purchase of the pioneer in the world vehicles fitted with the hydrogen fuel cells, the technology which I believe may be the key to zero-emission public transport development.”

Dr.Eng. Dariusz Michalak, Deputy CEO of Solaris, said: “Solaris has been active in the development of alternative drives, not merely electric buses, but also vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The contract we have just signed with the operator of Latvian capital city is another milestone on the road to considerably increase the number of hydrogen-powered buses in Europe. We very much appreciate the commitment shown by the customer who started to build up the appropriate infrastructure in the city and surely will be well prepared to put the trolleybuses into operation. Joint action as well as trust between partners are especially important in such pioneering projects.”

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