OSPT Alliance announces new CIPURSE Certification Test Plan

27 September 2016  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

OSPT Alliance has announced the release of the newly updated CIPURSE Certification Test Plan which simplifies certification of secure elements.

OSPT Alliance announces new CIPURSE Certification Test Plan

The OSPT Alliance, the international association that provides an open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, has released the newly updated CIPURSE™ Certification Test Plan V1.07.

CIPURSE Certification Test Plan can now be performed with a single wire protocol reader

This latest version helps simplify certification of secure elements as it can now be performed with a single wire protocol (SWP – standardises a low-level single wire connection between SEs and NFC chips in mobile phones) reader. This means that secure element, or eSE, can be certified without using a mobile phone while ensuring conformance with any model supporting SWP. The test plan also conforms to the latest CIPURSE Operation and Interface Errata, further enhancing the interoperability of CIPURSE products.     

OSPT Alliance’s Executive Director, Laurent Cremer, comments: “Certification brings multiple benefits to products, including consistency and interoperability between different CIPURSE-certified products in the field. A product that is certified compliant will behave consistently through personalization and over its lifetime in use.”

“A company has to be a full member of the OSPT Alliance and commit to certify its CIPURSE products if it wishes to sell such products,” adds Cremer. “This also gives them access to the CIPURSE trademark and the opportunity to contribute further to development of the CIPURSE standard.”

CIPURSE Certification program documentation is available for download here.

Since the beginning of 2015, nine products have been certified through the CIPURSE certification program, bringing the total number of certified products available to 22. Further products are expected to be certified throughout 2016.

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