Bluetooth Beacon based solution wins UK Intelligent Mobility Hackathon

20 June 2016  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

A Bluetooth Beacon based technology solution has won the UK’s only Intelligent Mobility Hackathon, IMCreate 2.

UK Intelligent Mobility Hackathon

IMcreate 2 Intelligent Mobility Hackathon winners Total Trip and Judges

Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) has named the winner of the UK’s Intelligent Mobility Hackathon. Team ‘Total Trip’ was awarded winner of IMCreate 2 for their Bluetooth Beacon based Technology solution which will provide alternatives to smart ticketing on bus and train journeys.

Intelligent Mobility Hackathon winner provides alternatives to smart ticketing on bus and train journeys

‘Total Trip’ presented their idea along with teams Hackeye, Yocto, BGN Consulting, Smart Station and VR VCR to a panel of expert judges at The Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes. Teams had previously battled through a 24hr Hackathon over the 4th and 5th June, seeking solutions to problems faced by commuters and travellers around the UK.

“We are hopeful we will see these ideas made into a reality in due course”

TSC CEO Steve Yianni, who also sat on the judging panel, commented: “All the judges were highly impressed with the solutions presented to us. In a short space of time the teams have converted complex data and technology into ideas which can generate tangible improvements to the travelling public. All six teams provided fantastic solutions to the transport challenges they were given and the judges found it hard to select a winner, but Total Trip just edged it with the Bluetooth enabled transactions.

All the teams generated a great deal of interest amongst members of the judging panel and the wider audience. We are hopeful we will see these ideas made into a reality in due course and I would like to extend my congratulations to all the teams for the hard work that got them here.”

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