Queensland Rail gives green light to major new HASTUS installation

18 April 2016  •  Author(s): GIRO

Following an in-depth review of responses to an international request for proposals, including a three-week on-site proof-of-concept demonstration of competing solutions, Queensland Rail has chosen GIRO’s HASTUS-Rail software suite to optimize scheduling and operations-management of the employees of the organization’s train-service-delivery, rolling-stock-maintenance and train-operations branches serving the passenger market.

Queensland Rail gives green light to major new HASTUS installation

Queensland Rail set out to acquire a new solution that will facilitate an increase in data volumes and improve workforce reporting. Another major goal was to equip the organization with an automated, centralized and streamlined system that will give staff access to greater self-service capabilities. Accordingly, Queensland Rail has acquired a range of HASTUS scheduling and operations modules, including one that allows employees to access various functionalities over a secure Web network.

“We appreciate the thoroughness with which Queensland Rail carried out its evaluation of the solutions proposed to it,” said Éric Lebel, GIRO’s Marketing Director, HASTUS. “We see the award of this contract by Queensland Rail as a major vote of confidence that further expands the global reach of our HASTUS-Rail solution.”

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