ATRON presents apps for public transport challenges

23 March 2016  •  Author(s): ATRON

ATRON presents solutions for the ever-growing challenges in public transport.

ATRON develops apps for public transport challenges

The current version of WebTick with the app for direct ticket purchase by passengers on Android and iOS devices is one of the highlights. An app for easy inspection of electronic tickets by your inspection teams is another one. Connected to the backend system ATRIES, all information from all sales channels are processed within seconds, making inspection of electronic tickets possible immediately after purchase. Another innovation is the web-based AVL/ITCS now on smartphone and tablet – with intuitive operability and modern design. Thanks to a modular structure, all ATRON components can be adapted to new requirements without hassle. With the turnkey system solutions by ATRON, transport companies and public transport authorities are well equipped for the future.

ATRON electronic GmbH

Since its foundation in 1980, ATRON has become one of the leading providers of system solutions for public transport. The portfolio includes four main areas of business: fare management, eTicketing, operations control and passenger information. Over the course of the years, ATRON electronic GmbH has become a group which operates across Europe – the ATRON Group. There are branches in Dortmund, Leipzig as well as in Bronschhofen (Switzerland), Linköping (Sweden) and Zagreb (Croatia).


ATRON electronic GmbH
Am Ziegelstadel 12+14, D-85570 Markt Schwaben            
Tel: +49 (0)8121 9342 – 0, +49 (0)8121 9342 – 277
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