Vehicle Design supplement 2015

17 December 2015  •  Author(s): Eurotransport

This Vehicle Design supplement is sponsored by Bode, Cummins, Dellner, Eberspächer, Leclanché, Mayser Sicherheitstechnik, Proventia, SATEL, Twintec and Visedo:

  • Vehicle Design Supplement From the Combino to the Avenio M for Ulm
    Following a Europe-wide tendering process, SWU Verkehr GmbH and Siemens signed a contract on 22 May 2015 for the supply of 12 Avenio M series vehicles. The order marked a new chapter in the success story of the Combino – a modular low-floor tram system originally introduced in 1994. In this article, Jürgen Späth from SWU Verkehr GmbH and Martin Walcher from Siemens AG take a closer look at the development of the Combino and its progression to the Avenio M, and they introduce the Avenio M version adapted to the special requirements in Ulm, Germany.
  • FLEXITY 2 merges design with passenger benefits in Ghent and Antwerp
    The travel environment is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a passenger’s journey. Roger Kesteloot, Director-General of De Lijn (Flemish public transport operator), discusses how the specifically designed ‘Albatros’ tram for Antwerp and Ghent has both passenger and financial benefits.
  • Are you sitting comfortably?
    A key part of a journey experience is the travel environment. David Beer, Passenger Executive at Transport Focus – the independent watchdog for users of Britain’s trains and England’s buses, trams, coaches and strategic roads – identifies what makes a passenger satisfied and how their surveys and research help to highlight issues, point to the best-practices, and guide the transport industry on a way forward.

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