Taking advantage of integrated software solutions

19 April 2007  •  Author(s): Mrs. Anna Maria Monferrer, Chief of Projects Coordination of TB, Transports de Barcelona, S.A., Mr. Joaquim García, Chief of Software Developments in BUS projects, Transports d Barcelona, S.A. and Mr. Guillem Camarasa, Manager of Horta Depot, Transports de Barcelona, S.A.

Transport Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is the second largest public transit system in Spain. TMB operates a fleet of 1,019 buses and 631 train cars, most of them self-propelled units. This system, run by about 6,400 employees, handles approximately 550 million passengers per year. The implementation of a new integrated software solution has helped with vehicle scheduling, crew scheduling, advanced crew optimisation, rostering, and the analysis of run time measurements and passenger counting. The system’s capabilities will also help with future reporting needs.

TMB has been involved with computerisation for many years and, like many large companies, has built or purchased many independent systems to support the activities of its various departments. In the mid 80s TMB invested in a new scheduling system, HASTUS, with the primary objective of providing advanced data management and optimisation tools to the company. This system was at the time very innovative, offering the most advanced optimisers on the market and bringing excellent returns to that investment.

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