Tackling congestion: Bristol fashion

19 April 2007  •  Author(s): Tony Watts, Freelance Business Journalist

Like virtually all major UK cities, Bristol has major congestion problems – and they’re getting steadily worse in a city where two-car ownership figures are amongst the highest in the country and dependency on public transport is unusually low. Now a £68 million package is being developed, aimed at putting ‘Bristolians’ back on the buses.

How do you persuade people to forsake the comfort of their cars and put their faith in public transport? It’s a conundrum that local authorities all over the world are facing. Sticks like congestion charges will go so far. But the carrot that is proven to work, time and again, is to provide a public transport system that is actually the preferable option. And that means guaranteeing certain levels of comfort, quality, reliability and cost.

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