The L-surF project on safety and security

19 April 2007  •  Author(s): Felix Amberg, CEO, Maximilian Wietek, project manager R&D

Having just entered the third and ultimate year of the L-surF project, it is recognised that research on safety and security is more than welcome to the European Community. At least, this was one of the conclusions of the 2nd Security Research Conference held in Berlin under the German presidency of the European Community at the end of March 2007.

Large Scale Underground Research Facility on Safety and Security’ is the full title of the design study L-surF which is implemented as a ‘Specific Support Action’ in the 6th European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. This design study on research infrastructure (RIDS) is being carried out by five European partners who are leading the field in safety and security research focussing on enclosed spaces. VSH (Switzerland), SP (Sweden), STUVA (Germany), TNO (The Netherlands) and INERIS (France) are concentrating their knowledge and efforts in terms of conducting a feasibility study, with the end aim of constructing a ‘Large Scale Underground Research Facility on Safety and Security’. The closer the project comes to its end, the picture of what L-surF will become in the future – after the termination of the project – becomes more apparent.

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