Government launches £5 million Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015

11 September 2015  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

The Department for Transport has launched a £5 million Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015 bidding process enabling awarded local authorities to fit buses with emission-cutting technologies.

Government launches 5 million Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015

The Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015 will allow local authorities to bid for up to £500,000 – enough to retrofit hundreds of buses that will reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions and improve air quality.

The bidding process is now open until the end of October 2015, with a particular focus on pollution hotspots in cites and urban areas. Winning local authorities will be announced at the end of the year.

Clean Bus Technology Fund allows local authorities to place bids up to £500,000

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “The £5 million Clean Bus Technology Fund will provide hundreds of cleaner buses to improve air quality in towns and cities across England and I urge local authorities to submit bids.

“The funding will also support the British industries helping deliver the technology. Today’s announcement continues the government’s commitment to improve air quality by upgrading existing vehicles on the road while also backing the low-emission solutions for the future.”

Similar local retrofit schemes on different types of vehicles have significantly improved air quality. So far, around 1,500 buses have been retrofitted in London and in other parts of England and last year’s Clean Vehicle Technology Fund provided over £8 million to councils to upgrade over 1,200 vehicles including vans, taxis, buses and fire engines.

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