RATP’s Bus 2025 Plan

2 September 2015  •  Author(s): Marie-Claude Dupuis, Head of the Bus Rolling Stock Department, RATP

RATP has a green vision for the future. Head of the Bus Rolling Stock Department, Marie-Claude Dupuis, explains that in order to meet these goals by 2025, the public transport operator is hugely investing in sustainable buses that will help reduce RATP’s carbon footprint by 50%.

RATP’s Bus 2025 Plan

We have clear intentions for RATP to become a global reference in its sector in terms of sustainable development. Being a public transport operator, RATP already contributes greatly to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in the Paris region but we want to go even further; this is the reason why, in 2014, RATP committed to a major technological and ecological change: to have a 100% green bus fleet by 2025. This is the ‘Bus 2025 Plan’. This plan is in line with the Paris Region Urban Travel Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Paris region by 20%. It also coincides with the ambitions of the STIF transport authority to eliminate all diesel buses from the Paris region bus network.

The target for 2025 is to have a fleet comprising approximately 80% electric buses and 20% vehicles using renewable gas and non-fossil fuels – thus wiping out the diesel buses from the Parisian network.

Currently, manufacturers don’t yet offer electric buses that meet the operational imperatives of the Parisian bus network. So, in the meantime, we decided to stop ordering diesel buses and switched to hybrid technology.

By launching an energy transition of this magnitude, which will involve 4,500 buses, we intend to send a strong message to the vehicle manufacturers in the transport sector. Indeed, the renewal of the entire fleet offers significant prospects and should encourage investment in research and development as well as in industrial tools. We are confident that our Bus 2025 Plan will give the manufacturers the push necessary to bring their electric technology up to speed and that they’ll be ready by 2025.

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