Keolis building on success in Bordeaux

2 September 2015  •  Author(s): Frédéric Baverez, CEO, Keolis France

For Eurotransport, Frédéric Baverez, Keolis France’s CEO, explains that in order to meet growing passenger demands in the city of Bordeaux, France, the operator is working with a clear focus to help further develop the city’s public transport network.

Keolis building on success in Bordeaux

In 2009, Bordeaux first contracted Keolis to operate the Bordeaux public transport system. At that time, Bordeaux set a clear objective: rebalance the ridership between the trams and buses. Trams were the popular choice for most riders while buses were under-utilised and suffered from a bad image. Over the course of the contract, Keolis took significant and meaningful action to restore the attractiveness of the bus network. Without any additional vehicles, the ridership increased by 35% in five years and the global usage of the network was re-balanced. Within the same timeframe, Keolis successfully launched the ‘VCub’ – a new bike self-service scheme, and boat shuttles on the Garonne River, giving the network an outstanding multimodal dimension.

When the Bordeaux Metropolitan Council (BMC) unanimously voted in October 2014 to renew Keolis’ contract to operate the city’s public transport network for another eight years, we knew we had to continue to innovate and deliver a high quality performance to successfully implement the Metropolitan council’s public transport project. We now have a clear directive to further develop the share of public transport in Bordeaux and meet the demands of a fast growing city.

This new contract presents many high-level challenges. It has prompted the right questions needed to ensure delivery of the best of Keolis’ expertise and know-how in order to maintain the local authority’s trust and pursue the partnership begun in 2009…

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